6 day
【Dep:Osaka / Arr:Mie】Koyasan, Kumano Kodo & Ise Pilgrimage Route Tour 6D5N

2020/04/01 - 2020/11/29 (yyyy/mm/dd)
¥149,000 - ¥152,000 1 room for 2 pax
¥140,000 - ¥143,000


Let's make your stay an unforgettable experience at World Heritage Site Koyasan, Kumano Kodo and Ise Pilgrimage Route!

▸Temple Lodging in Koyasan on Day 1
▸Ryokan in Kawayu Hot spring on Day 2
▸Hotel in Katsuura Hot spring on Day 3
▸Hotel in Toba on Day 4 and 5

▸One-way train ticket from Namba Station to Koyasan Station
▸2-days free bus ticket in Koyasan
▸Bus : Koyasan – Kawayu Hot Spring on Day 2
          Hongu Taishamae Station – Gongen-mae Station on Day 3
          Gongen-mae Station-Kii-Katsuura Station on Day 3
           Kumano Sightseeing Bus on Day 4
▸1-day free bus ticket in Ise-Toba area on Day 6
▸Ltd. Express train : Kii-Katsuura Station – Toba Station (reserved seat) on Day 4

Breakfast on Day 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Lunch : Bento box on Day 3 and Ama Hut seafood lunch on Day 5
Dinner on Day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

④English speaking local guide
While walking from Hosshinmon-oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha on Day 3
Special One day Ama Tour on Day 5


1 day Pick-up tickets at Nankai Ticket Counter in Nankai Namba Station 3rd floor
Transfer from Nankai Namba Sta. to Koyasan Sta. by Nankai train

Upon arrival at Koyasan, enjoy your Koyasan trip!
You can use 2-days free bus ticket for Nankai Rinkan Bus

Check-in at Temple Lodging
Enjoy having Shojin Ryori (Vegetarian meals) for dinner and stay overnight at there
Accommodation Tentoku-in Temple Lodging or similar
Meal Breakfast:× Lunch:× Dinner:
2 day After breakfast, Check-out at Temple Lodging

[①Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus]Senjuinbashi Sta.~Gomadanzan Sta. (9:55/10:50)
[②Koyasan & Kumano Access Bus]Gomadanzan Sta.~Kodo Aruki-no-Sato Chikatsuyu Sta. (11:05/13:30)

Upon arrival at Kodo Aruki-no-Sato Chikatsuyu, take on Bus from Chikatsuyu to Gyuba-doji

Kumano Kodo Walking
Gyuba-doji~Kodo Aruki-no-Sato Chikatsuyu (about 60min.)

[③Ryujin Bus]Kodo Aruki-no-Sato Chikatsuyu~Kawayu Hot spring (15:51/16:48)
Overnight at Kawayu Hot spring
Accommodation Kawayu Midoriya or similar
Meal Breakfast: Lunch:× Dinner:
3 day Using free bus service operated by Hotel(9:00 dep)

Kumano Kodo Walking (6.9 km)
Hosshinmon-oji~Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine

[④Kumano Gobo Nankai Bus]Hongu Taishamae Sta.~Gongen-mae Sta. (14:20/15:17)
walk to Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine (about 5min.), stroll around there
[⑤Kumano Gobo Nankai Bus]Gongen-mae Sta. (16:09 dep)~Kii-Katsuura Sta. (16:44 arr)

Walk to Katsuura Port then take the Hotel's Ferry
Check-in at Hotel
【Upgrade】Kumano-Bettei Nakanoshima
 *Please inquire us for the price
Accommodation Hotel Urashima or similar, Kumano-Bettei Nakanoshima
Meal Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:
4 day After breakfast, check-out at Hotel
Take the Ferry from Hotel to Katsuura Port, then walk to Kii-Katsuura Sta about 5 min.

[⑥Kumano Gobo Nankai Bus/Sightseeing Bus]Tour start/end at Kii-Katsuura Sta. (9:30/12:10)
*The bus will stop at each sightseeing spots; Daimonzaka(15min.), Nachi Falls(25min.), Nachi Taisha Shrine / Seiganto-ji(65min.)."

[Ltd. Express Nanki]Kii-Katsuura Sta. (12:24 dep)~Taki Sta. (14:47 arr)
[Express Mie]Taki Sta. (14:59 dep)~Toba Sta. (15:30 arr)

Take shuttle bus from Toba station to Hotel
Check-in at Hotel
Accommodation Todaya or similar
Meal Breakfast: Lunch:× Dinner:
5 day
Special One day Ama Tour
After breakfast, meet with a Guide at Hotel
Hike Mt.Aonomine to Ama’s sacred shohukuji Temple (8 th century) *Driving also available
Spend time with real
Ama divers in traditional Ama hut for gourmet local barbeque lunch Experience
Ama diving demonstration at famous Mikimoto Pearl Island
Return to Hotel
*Includes an English speaking guide and transportation by car
Accommodation Todaya or similar
Meal Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:
6 day After breakfast, Check-out at Hotel
You can use 1-day free bus ticket for Mie Kotsu Bus
Enjoy Ise-Toba Tour in each place. For example…
Toba Sta.~Meotoiwa higashiguchi Sta. (10:00/10:12) Meotoiwa (Married Rocks)

Meotoiwa higashiguchi Sta.~Naiku Mae Sta. (11:17/11:44) Ise-Jingu (Naiku)
Enjoy having lunch and shopping at Okage Yokocho

Naiku Mae Sta.~Uji-Yamada Sta. (15:34/15:55)
Accommodation ×
Meal Breakfast: Lunch:× Dinner:×


Accommodation 1 day : Tentoku-in Temple Lodging or similar
2 day : Kawayu Midoriya or similar
3 day : Hotel Urashima or similar, Kumano-Bettei Nakanoshima
4 day : Todaya or similar
5 day : Todaya or similar
6 day : ×
Number of nights 6 days and 5 night Meal Breakfast: 5 Lunch: 2 Dinner: 5
Tour conductor None
Local guide Available
<NOTE>English speaking guide is included while walking from Hossinmon-oji~Kumano Hongu Taisha on Day 3 and Special One day Ama Tour on Day 5.
Minimum number of travelers 2 people
Exchangeable period
2020/04/01 - 2020/11/29


: Available : Available upon request : Unavailable

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※Based on Japanese yen. (¥=Japanese yen)
Room for 2-5 persons
¥149,000 (¥140,000)¥152,000 (¥143,000)
※() parenthesis is child price
Deadline for application

until 7 days before departure.

Adress : NankaiSKNamba bldg. 8F, 1-10-4Nambanaka, Naniwaku, Osaka 556-0011